January 3, 2020

A new energy source is entering world markets. The terms for this energy are: Hydrino and LENR (Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions).  Though the theoretical details are different, they are coming from the same processes (and we believe, inextricably related).  Ignoring the theoretical details, atomic hydrogen with certain catalysts (water or metals) will create energyA lot of energy. 

This is akin to the invention of the airplane or the automobile – a total civilization changing technology is emerging.  There are at least 10 companies focused on hydrino energy in the US; more in Europe, India, China, Russia, and Japan. Here is a sample of what is happening across the world:     





“We’ve got 22 years and hundreds of experiments now on low-energy nuclear reactions which indicate that this is real. Plus, we now have a theory that indicates that it’s condensed-matter physics..if we can get that in place it will truly revolutionize space.

Chief Scientist NASA Dennis Bushnell December 23, 2019

US - Brouillin Energy

With tight connections to Google & Carl Page (click) – Brouillin Energy has backers.  We’ve talked to an ex VC who believes this is the greatest opportunity of our era.  Interested in them.. you’ll want to talk to us…


We are in touch with many startups in Europe.  The Europeon Commission is investing in Hydrino/LENR energy startups to $96mi as part of Horizon 2020 funding.  In November 2019 the EIB – Europe’s largest bank –  said no more fossil fuel investments after 2021.


The most active country in new energy. Clean Planet was formed by Nissan and Tohoku University. Japan has hundreds of researchers working on this. US engineers flocked to ICCF 20 in Japan.


The work in China is hard to get a handle on.  We know that Songsheng Jiang of the Chinese  Institute of Atomic Energy has published papers. Researchers at Tsinghua and Xiemen Universities, and the Chinese Academic of Science are active.  They have published many papers, but are silent on products in development.


Rather than talking about 25+ companies it is easiest to learn about the field through the leader in the space: Brilliant Light Power.  



We’re including various videos.  Remember, Brilliant Light Power is a hydrino energy company – they make reactors that intend to lease to industry ($0.05 per kWh or less).   End Of Petroleum is an advocacy and scientific firm focused on this new energy industry and its positive environmental impact.  

We wrote the book on this new area and have academic scientists on our team.  We recently did a talk for Dark Matter Day video that it goes pretty deep into the science without equations!)    




No other energy team can do what we do because we worked on this energy source in the lab.  We are published in the scientific journals.  We have the deepest data room explaining the science of this new industry in the world;  including unreleased movies, papers, and explanatory summaries.