In the latest Brilliant Light Power update they mention an IPO as a possibility.   We were surprised.  No model we have suggests they need any cash.  Ever.   Let’s review the facts: 

  • BLP has $20mi in the bank, more than enough to get to market.  Their current burn rate is $4mi/year.
  • BLP is getting non-refundable checks for national licensing rights.
  • BLP does not intend to manufacture or service &support these devices.  That’s what the Jabil’s / Sanmina’s, and ABM’s of the world are for.   


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Consider these facts and then Vote!    

  • BLP has at minimum 5.5GW of power under already under contract for a $1.5 billion revenue stream. 
  • BLP’s latest benchmark valuation is $5.56 billion (based on what investors in 2016 paid).   (we are paying 41% less per share!).  
  • BLP may be one of the greatest cash flow engines we’ve ever seen.   You can review our one page Financial report to see what we mean.   It’s not just us, a Florida Family Office we talked to in February, had independently modelled BLP and were keen to see we had similar conclusions.  


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