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Conversations with a Florida Family Office

We keep tabs with a Florida Family Office and compare notes.  The CIO and us see eye-to-eye.  We have no financial ties.

They invested directly with BLP, years ago.  They are under NDA with BLP, but we’ve managed to learn a lot.. Listen to our call with “A.”   where he mentions what an executive said about the hydrino.

“If the hydrino is real there will be more money flowing to you than the water over Niagara Falls.”   

Executive at OEM (GE we believe)

The hydrino is real.  100+ scientists have directly been involved in working with it.  Major chemical companies have validated it.  And you can see hydrino compounds being made.

BLP Investors, Going Against Crowd Opinion, GE, and more

by Navid and CIO from Florida Single Family Office

Memo from Florida Family Office

(below) The CIO created a memo from the investor meeting in April 2018. He put it to the Family in stunningly simple risk and reward calculus.  The amazing progress of BLP in Q4 2018 means we are ahead of target.