Scientific History In Progress

Hydrino is Real

Understand this very well – Quantum Mechanics does not allow for a physical form below the ground state  of hydrogen. That is why we call it “ground state.” 

So what has been going on for 30 years?  Why does actual data show new hydrogen compounds that don’t have the properties of regular hydrogen?  Here is a 2001 paper about hydrino with metal (halides) that can create unique high voltage batteries.   Here is a 2003 paper hydrino with silicon that can improve integrated circuits.

Hydrino is instantly identifiable via spectroscopy. See for example Mills and Lotoski (2015).  We are happy to share some of the 100 journal articles on the subject – many by independent scientists.  There is absolutely no debate about the experimental data.   The physicists at Google asked for evidence of Mills theory, and they did not have a single criticism (shock yes!). Google is paused on our outreach.  

Human nature stands in our way

What is it that’s holding everyone (science) back?  It’s not the technology.  Not the facts.  Science tells us it is HUMAN NATURE.

Fears of the unknown, fears of change, their fears of looking stupid, deference to authority (real or imagined).

The end of Quantum Mechanics is a paradigm shift bigger than the Copernican Revolution.  They imprisoned Galileo for agreeing with Copernicus (earth revolves around sun).  They slander, ignore, and taunt Mills for disagreeing with Quantum Mechanics.  Many physicists know the truth but they do not speak out.  Would you step into the line of fire?  I’m betting not.   




The efforts to convince the science community are unprecedented

In any event,  hydrino gas is colorless, and inert like helium.  Sure you can do basic spectroscopy and prove it is there.   But…what if we wanted to give it to a quantum scientist as a truth offering? Something they can see and touch.  How about something that any lab can test the chemical properties of?  Hydrino in a bottle, if you will.  

Silver is not magnetic.  Silver does not form hydrogen compounds (aka hydrides).  Mills and his team have made a silver hydride (with hydrino rather than hydrogen) compound and showed it is magnetic.  This can only happen from a new form of hydrogen.  A tour de force… new hydrogen “species” is proven and a new ultralight polymer for the world to use! 

Spectroscopic Identification of Hydrino

Using the Thermo Scientific DXR SmartRaman spectrometer and the 780 nm laser, the spectrum showed an inverse Raman effect peak at 1982 cm¡1 that matches the free rotor energy of H2(1/4) (0.2414 eV) to four significant figures.

Figure 4 from Mills and Lotoski (2015).  H2 (1/4) is a dihydrino gas – nothing else known to mankind looks like this.  This identification is basic lab science capable of being done at most university labs / commercial labs in the world.   Lotoski is a chemist who was trained at the University of Waterloo.


New Materials – Verified At Independent Labs

From Ed   June 21, 2018 at 9:10 AM 

Have you been contacted by any established labs for testing of the hydrino hydride material?  … just me chafing at the bit.

From Randell Mills   June 21, 2018 at 9:27 AM 

The results are fantastic and all run at independent laboratories…When finished we will host validators.

From dselke16  June 23, 2018 at 20:35 AM 

I wonder if any of those who have tested the substance are now reading GUTCP for the first time.  …Exciting! 

Getting past the knee-jerk reaction to something too good to be true (and I mean the scientific progress, not just the energy promise of the SunCell) may be the critical moment, and there may be nothing to provoke that transition like your own data staring you in the face. 

It will make better history if the scientific community gets on board…before the point where GUTCP evidence has become undeniable to everyone.  As perversely satisfying as it would be, I don’t want to see all the big names denounce Mills and then have to eat crow.