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(Above) Watch Kert Davies (ex-Greenpeace) talk about the problem and why BLP is so important. 

(Below) End Of Petroleum has modeled the energy industry to study the impact of BLP technology.  Our sources include “reliable” industry data (BP/Exxon) and International Energy Agency outlook data (we realize the shortcomings of much of these sources).   

A line in the sand that many have drawn is a 2 degrees warming.  We are nowhere close to a reduction in emissions needed for this.  We are off target of Paris already.


By 2030, renewables (solar + wind) will only be 3.4% of world energy consumption. Yes renewables are growing very very fast.  Still,  these technologies cannot replace a world dependent on high-density fossil fuels. 

One example: A 747 airplane needs 90MW to takeoff. It would take 200,000kg of Tesla-S car batteries to give this amount of power.  However, the maximum payload of such a plane is 100,000kg.  So they plane could not fly overfilled with batteries and nothing else.   Lithium battery energy density is far too low.

Conclusion:  We need a new energy source that can power the world and displace petroleum.  It’s here.