A Welcome letter.

Hello.  I am the Managing Partner of End Of Petroleum.  We are investing in new energy technology.  If you are on tihs page you have been invited as friends and family.   Let’s get some questions out of the way.

Q: End of Petroleum has a total $10 million investment in a single company that has a modeled (possible) return of many billions of dollars in 10 years. What area of the economy must this company play in?

A: Only one answer possible no other area of the economy could lead to this growth. See this CNN video on our homepage

Q: Why I haven’t you heard about this before if it is so?

A: There are thousands of opportunities.  This company has a three-decade long rise.  At this point the major players are acting and not speaking about it. This company has James Woolsey (ex-CIA director) on the board.  Warren Buffet and James Woolsley are not people who would signup for a fraud, nor are they people you mislead. 

Q: I don’t understand this space. How is this different from hydrogen cells or something else?

A: We are not going to tell you the science is easy.   Our Chief Scientist helped build this tech brettholverstott.com To be clear: no other form of energy can compete.  This is not hydrogen gas or a fuel cell technology. This is an atomic hydrogen chemical process.  To make it very tangible, there are 250+ million cars on US roads.  If just 10 million were equipped with SunCells (or about 6 months of car production) the entire US electric grid could be replaced.  Just plug the car into your home when it sits idle (which is 95% of the time for most cars) and each car can power 100 homes.  

Q: What’s the opportunity?

A: We have access to shares from a liquidated hedge fund (a rich person’s investment fund). End Of Petroleum using its relationships can get these shares.  The seller is a major reputable multinational bank.  BLP has agreed to share transfer.  We have spent 8 months of research and modeling time and $175k to create this one page: endofpetroleum.com/blp-financial-summary-nov/  

Q: If this is such a great company, why would a bank not keep it?

A: Major banks (e.g. Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Bank Of America) run funds of hedge funds.  Being a broker is their business, when an account is sitting idle with a position they can’t sell they sell it to close the acccount.  

We are doing a legal market transaction between shareholders (hedge fund to End Of Petroleum).  If you have questions talk to us (Navid 647 542 5254). 

What is a good investment? True investment, by our way of thinking, means to understand something deeply, find your price, understand all the risk (perhaps better than the owner of the business), use timing to your advantage, don’t be afraid to take profits but take a long view… deep value.

How does deep value apply here?   In the year 2000, Eastbourne Capital invested $5 million. Here is a relavant statement from that time: 

“If I wanted to gamble, I’d fly to Vegas,” says Rick Barry, whose Eastbourne Capital Management and its principals invested $5 million in BlackLight (now Brilliant Light Power) after what he describes as “detailed” due diligence by him and PacifiCorp.   See more here. 

Eastbourne Capital was too early, but they were right.  Rick Barry is now Director at Sarepta (biotech) and a part owner of the San Diego Padres baseball team. He is no fool. 

We do have an extensive dataroom. On our home page is our latest conversation with Bill Good (the Chairman of BLP) – check that out.  

And of course for serious discussion our scientist is available.  Brett Holverstott worked 1 on 1 with Randall Mills.  Some have even called Brett the “first student” of Mills, which is a high-praise since Mills looks to be one of the great scientists in history (despite what some say).  


What is the explosive catalyst of our investment thesis?   Significant power was generated in the year 2000, but in 2014 BLP was able to make the hydrino reaction go to completion generating explosive power.  Energy more powerful than petroleum.   Now, in late 2017 BLP is in a final engineering phase and the timing is historic.  A device running right now at  Columbia Technologies engineering facility is on the verge of going to market. 

Our website has everything one would ever need to know, we’ve spent hundreds of hours summarizing information and video footage (see bottom of this page).  But you have to get beyond the data, to develop the trust that comes from working with our team.  Brett has worked in this area deeply since 2006, so in a real sense this is our lifework – not some financial sideproject. 

Please continue by checking out our website.


Navid Sadikali
Managing Partner
End Of Petroleum