The person on the top


of the mountain didn’t fall there.

We Know

We know the most important discovery in the history of mankind is about to be unleashed. With over $120+ million in hedge fund and private investment, a small private company has created a device that pushes the limits of human imagination. A multitrillion disruption is imminent. The world is sleeping, but we aren’t because We Know.

We can help you get here.

We Want
Your Money

We know the financial impacts of the technology, and know you don’t have any hedge in your portfolio to accomodate for this disruption.  Our models indicate that this company can be a $500 Billion with relative ease, in the space of 10 years.

Using your capital we can profit.  Low downside risk. 25x-100x upside by our models.

Can something displace

petrified fossils?
What about it all?  Oil, Coal, Gas, Biofuel, Nuclear, Hydro, Solar…

Skeptical? Of course.  

The truth is in plain view. Here is a preview.

Who are we?

A cross-domain elite team.  An Ivy League Grad and CEO in the Energy Industry.  A Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and a International Science Olympiad Winner.   Finance professionals.  Our team includes the only person in the world who has written a book on the technology – already published on

Why should you believe us?

Don’t.  We said 25x-100x.  Act immediately.

The cost/benefit of suspending disbelief here is enormous.  At the end of the day you are going to need world class insights to act, belief has no place in an investment thesis.  Suspend disbelief for a few minutes or make the greatest mistake of your career?  Easy choice.

You’re almost there.

Our elite team is right behind you.

What next?

The race is on. We are contacting family offices with $40m-100m AUM

all over the world. We only need one partner.

What kind of partner do we want?

  • Creative. Entrepreneurial. Make it happen.
  • Has the capital to deploy immediately
  • Puts us in front of the top decision makers immediately
  • Abnormally insightful and well versed
  • A team not afraid of anything new
  • Highest ethical standards.  Understands reputational risk.
  • Tactful, sensitive and can use discretion
  • Believes in fair play and social equity
  • We will not partner with or on behalf of a Wall Street bank

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