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November, 23, 2019


Dear Andrei,

It looks like you’ve been working the clock.  The clock is ticking. A new era is coming in energy.

We are the only venture firm in the world capable of doing due diligence in this space.  We have academic world class experimental physicists who can help you.  We’re willing to have analytical firms do tests.  We’re really curious what’s going on under the hood – and want to see tests for output – signatures for neutrons, helium, tritium, and hydrino (the usual suspects!).  

Of course, the work is just starting.  As other companies like Brilliant Light Power know, making a reactor is a lot more work than generating net positive energy.   How much net positive energy exactly?   A commercially viable product has to do more – it must have catalysts recycled in the process, and engineering must meet safety standards.  An energy generator that work for years in the marketplace at a competitive price point takes time.   We are happy to talk, if you have a strong defensible patent position and the right plans we’re willing to consider investments. 

Congratulations from the Team at End Of Petroleum.  



We help our portfolio companies in every way possible. 

We have deep networks with Foundations and Impact Investors.  Here is Kert Davies telling the story of his due diligence of Brilliant Light Power. We made a poster of Brilliant Light’s story. 



We’re including various videos.  Remember, Brilliant Light Power is the world leader but we are End Of Petroleum.  We are a venture firm focused on this industry.  Be sure to watch our unofficial BLP 5 minute video,  Updated November 24, 2019:  Due to popular demand we have linked our Dark Matter Day Webinar. (this is the one that takes down physics departments around the world, Fermilab censored this video).




Are you an institutional or individual investor wanting to access diversified investments (i.e. lower risk investments) in this new energy industry? Get in touch by email info@endofpetroleum.com.  Minimum fund investment of $25-50k.  No other energy VC can do what we do.  We have replicated the energy in lab work and are published in the scientific journals.  We have the deepest data room explaining the science of this new industry in the world;  including unreleased movies, papers, and explanatory summaries.