We believe 2018 will be a breakthrough year in world history

A new source of power will come to market, a source of power that is

• more energy dense than oil by weight

• a 20x lower capital cost vs solar

• lower operational costs than all other forms of energy

We are a finance and scientific research firm bringing you a special $5-10 million private equity investment. You get access to invest in the future 6 months before you hear about it from anywhere else.



Our analysis shows Brilliant Light Power will be the world’s first $ 1,000,000,000,000 company

Our analysis shows Brilliant Light Power will be the world’s first $ 1,000,000,000,000 company

We believe this presents an investment opportunity at the start of a major paradigm shift in energy, similar to the introduction of the smartphone.

Who would willingly sell stock in this now? No one. Hedge funds commonly liquidate assets when their doors are shuttered. We have a personal relationship with the hedge fund liquidating – offering up to $10m in stock for this private company – more capital than we have, which is why we are reaching out for a partner.



Climate change is real and we need a real solution

While it is true that Solar and Wind tech are growing at a breakneck rate, by 2030 these renewables will still only be able to supply 3.5% of world energy usage.

At the crux of the matter is that Solar and Wind do not have the power density to power the planet. To displace fossil fuels we need something with massive power density. We need a technology that can supply remote mining operations, industrial factories, airplanes, trucks, and supertankers.



Hydrino Power is more energy dense than all other chemical fuels known to man.

The “SunCell” device uses “leap-forward” technology to transform the multi-trillion energy industry. The SunCell is small, and its footprint and low capital costs allow it to be deployed quickly making it a realistic answer to climate change.



The “SunCell” provides independent or grid power that is non-polluting and cost competitive.

The device can be scaled from 10kw (a small car) to 10MW (a power plant). The catalyst is recirculated, and water (which creates the atomic hydrogen fuel) is the only consumable. The power is non-polluting, and the by-product is a harmless light form of hydrogen.



BLP will lease power devices to the world

BLP’s unique business model is based on leasing devices.

Stationary Power

To power an industrial plant,
residential apartment building,
or commercial plaza.

Motive Power

To power a car or truck

Thermal Power

being developed by a partner −
Berkshire Hathaway owned TMI
Climate Solutions.



BLP has the technology
to power every energy

World energy consumption will grow by 28% between 2015 and 2040.

BLP is targeting $1.5 Trillion of the $3.5 Trillion global electricity market at a rate of $0.05/kWh. On average US electricity rates are about $0.12/kWh. At $100/kW install cost the typical payback period for end users will be less than a year.



All forms of energy
will be under attack by
BLP technology.

The competition is all traditional forms of energy.

In terms of hydrino power, BLP has no direct competition. They have spent 22 years in R&D and 3 years making a commercial reactor. They are aggressively patenting their innovations internationally, including in US, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, China, and elsewhere.


Our models indicate a 10x return in 3-4 years.

Multiple credentialed financial analysts have
reviewed our numbers. A $10 million investment
today may be $6.9 Billion in 10 years.

This has the makings of bitcoin, without the ethereal nature of it. It is not an internet startup likeSnapchat, or a company bleeding capital like Tesla. This is the future of energy


After 26 years
of research and
development and
$110 million in
private funding, this
technology has been
massively derisked

This technology has been an interplay of basic science and
engineering for decades. From an outside perspective, they have a
history that mirrors Edison. Some see uncertainty, others see the
first 1000 failed attempts at the light bulb. If you’ll allow the Edison
analogy, Edison would tell you the only thing that matters is that
the technology works, and it works.

Liquidation value is greater than current
market capital.


Warren Buffet

CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

James Woosley

Former Director of the CIA

The Boeing Company


We are specialists focused on a singular opportunity.

A new form of energy. The implications are enormous, but overwhelming. Our team has years of experience.

You have access to world-experts in this space. A CEO in the energy space, an MBA in Finance, an ex HSBC Director with 20+ years in asset management. Our Chief Scientist worked one-on- one with Randall Mills. We know it works because we helped build it. We’ve tracking this space for years. Some of our team are already investors. We have put hundreds of thousands of dollars behind our beliefs. Our relationship with BLP is firm is deep, and substantial and growing. You’ll find information on our website unknown to anyone else in the world.

We wrote the world’s only book on this technology now available on (with 5 star reviews).

Navid Sadikali

CEO of Energy Company + Ivy League Grad

Navid Goraya

Former Director HSBC + 20 plus years in Asset Management

Brett Holverstott

Worked one on one with Randell Mills for 18 months + Insider Scientist and Shareholder

Navid Zhang

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