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Who is Randell Mills? 

We live in a world of 140 characters.  So people ask why has it taken 30 years for a new source of power to come to market?

The SunCell is in production engineering. Production partners include Berkshire Hathaway’s TMI Climate Solutions.  But if you read the internet, this is some type of scam.

And even stranger, the world is chasing virtual coins and ignoring a clean source of power that can displace other sources of energy.

A fascinating conversation with Brett Holverstott who worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Mills for years. 

If you are curious about the next 10 years of innovation in physics, chemistry or energy read our book now.


Who Is Randell Mills?

by Brett Holverstott and Navid Sadikali | End Of Petroleum

note:  Photo reference IEEE Spectrum Magazine Jan 1, 2009